Plot games can help with a variety of narrative needs. They can be starting points, editing tools, generate stories, style exploring, alternate endings, settings... The list goes on.

Circle Story

A group creating and telling a story together, one word or sentence at a time.

Random Sound Story

Use some random sounds as the basis for creating a story.

String Tension

Bring a scenes energy up and down with a simple piece of string.

Unfortunately / Fortunately

Create an elaborate story, in pairs or as a group, with many twists and turns.

Word Ping Pong

A great exercise to bring those involved into the Drama thought space.

Games could be a beginning starter, an introducing step during a workshop or as an end plenary. They are a platform for further development and are never meant to be the whole session on their own.

The nature of drama games is that they are shared, adapted and extended. The original author is not so important as the shared practice. You’ll find games on the site that you’ve seen before, called something different or that you even use in your own teaching toolkit.

We hope that among the known games are ideas of how to refresh old ones as well as new games to use.