Hot Seating

A widely used and very effective Drama strategy. Questions are asked to someone sitting in the 'hot-seat' who answers in character.


Set this up by telling the class they will have an opportunity to ask questions to a character from the piece they are studying or story. Perhaps ask them to discuss the questions with their partner.

When the questions are prepared take the 'hot-seat' and introduce yourself in character inviting questions from the audiece. Be sure to remain in character for the entire time spent in the 'hot-seat'.

Once demonstrated, ask for a volunteer who is confident enough to sit in the 'hot-seat' as the character and field further questions.
Further Development

Put non-typical characters in the 'hot-seat', such as the father/mother of a character or his/her best friend.

Personified objects can take the 'hot-seat', such as a character's suitcase, wall clock, wallet/purse etc. It is an excellent tool for exploring characters and viewpoints.